When ‘Eating In” Makes Perfect Sense

As a business owner, you’ve invested a significant part of your capital in bricks and mortar. Whether you own your space or lease, you’ve no doubt created a meeting space that’s impressive to customers, comfortable to use and welcoming on an everyday basis.

officelunchSo when you have special office occasions – holiday parties, retirements, the celebration of an outstanding sales quarter – why go out to an impersonal restaurant when the restaurant can come to the place you’re the most at home – in your office meeting space.
Sure, you can do it yourself. That strategy seems to be the most relaxed and economical, but think about past office shindigs – does this sound familiar?
Hey, did somebody sign up to bring ice?
This cake looks great! Do you think we can cut it with a letter opener?
All of the crockpots tripped the breaker – all of the food is cold!
Keep your paper plates for dessert – we just have enough for everyone to have ONE!
A full-on office soiree or casual lunch is far more than just food. The event calls for paper goods, plates, utensils, condiments. Food has to be kept hot – or cold. In the end, it all has to clean up quickly and efficiently – time is money!
Here at Cape Creations Catering, delivering the office lunch is one of our specialties. From simple to more elaborate – we can meet your office meal needs in a variety of ways:

Box lunches: This style of office lunch allows us to be a little more flexible in the creation of a L”lunch box.” From deli sandwiches to pitas, roll-ups to kabobs – part of the fun in lunch boxes is popping open the top to find a surprisingly delicious lunch inside. Add a cup of soup, a pasta salad or cup of fruit for variety. Of course, every box needs a sweet treat – cookies, cake or mini pudding? Lunch boxes can be all-inclusive – food, utensils, condiments and a box that serves as a “plate.” Add beverage service and the work is done. Clean up is easy.

Self-serve trays: Disposable platters are easy to clean up and provide office diners the chance to assemble a plate of their choosing. Platters can be all cold, deli-style offerings or a combination of hot meats and cold sides. Again don’t forget the tray of cookies! We provide paper goods and disposable serving utensils.

Hot Line: Lunch is by far the most popular catered affair – but we do breakfast as well. Here’s where a hot line really brings a rib-sticking treat to your co-workers. Disposable service pans stay sealed and piping hot until you’re ready to eat and then open to reveal, eggs, breakfast meats, grits, roasted potatoes – you dream it, we can do it.. An inclusive breakfast casserole, biscuits and fresh fruit makes a popular breakfast self-serve line. Hot lunches can be as close as the conference room and may encompass a variety of menus – from simple soup and sandwich to more elaborate meat and three combinations.

And remember, catered lunches aren’t just a treat for your staff. Your best customers will feel like royalty when you treat their office staff to catered lunch. Show your appreciation for their business with a stress-free office breakfast or lunch.


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