Express Catering

Express Catering

Need catering FAST?  We have your answer!  Our express catering solution is just what you need to get your event catered fast.  From Box Lunches to Buffet Spread, we can get your event booming!

Pickup or Delivery

You’ve got less than 24 hours to plan a continental breakfast for hundreds. It has to be good. It has to be quick. It has to be now. So what do you do? Easy. You call us. Why bother trying to get reservations somewhere, or trying to find something that will please everyone, when we can bring it all right to you?

Whether it’s that breakfast for 300 in your lobby or a formal boardroom dinner for 12, a simple brown-bag lunch or a full china and crystal setting—we’ve got it covered. Don’t “do-it-yourself.” Let us do it for you.


About Express Catering

Message from Cynthia

You are busy, but now you have to arrange catering for a breakfast or lunch meeting! We are here to make you SHINE. Our Express Menus are crafted to help you quickly put a menu together. Or you can call us and we shall walk you through it – we are the experts after all. We will deliver and set up so that all you have to do is let everyone know that lunch is served. If you want something a little different, just let us know as we cook from scratch so creating a menu that is specific to your guests requirements is easily done. Oh, and we can also provide chafing dishes and limited service is you guest count is high or you need to upgrade your catering.